Fudge and herbs

This weekend I planted a garden of potted herbs on our very sunny patio. Fudge the dog was more interested in a bird, or a rabbit, or a woodchuck somewhere across the backyard.



I planted parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, plus mint and chervil and chives and salad burnet and summer savory and some others I can’t remember now. I’ve always had a small herb garden that’s been kind of stuck in a corner of a flower bed, but in recent years I’ve used so many culinary herbs that I actually run out, so I decided to take advantage of this boring but sunny area on the patio. The pots were my birthday present back in March, and the herbs are my Mother’s Day present. In a week or so, I hope to get to Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, NJ, with some friends to fill in the blank part of that big planter in the center. I have one sorrel plant and desperately need some more.

I hope your weekend was spent as pleasantly.


One thought on “Fudge and herbs

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