5/10/13: In the garden this week

Dogwood, crab apples, and some viburnums are blooming with all their might, as are the spring ephemerals in the woods. Native geraniums opened today–my avatar photo shows these lovely pink flowers. Here is a picture, taken yesterday, of a Viburnum prunifolium (blackhaw viburnum), which I have trained into a specimen tree:


If the weather stays cool, as it’s supposed to after a couple of warm days, the bloom will continue for a while. The soil is now nice and moist, so get out into the garden this weekend! This is the week to:

— plant new perennials;  divide and transplant existing perennials while the ground is wet (I’ve been waiting for rain to start moving perennials around)

— plant herb plants, except for basil (it’s still a bit too cool)

— plant beans, beets, kale, chard (but hold off on the tender cops like squash, eggplant, and tomatoes, for another week or so)

— leave the trees and shrubs alone–no pruning (except removal of dead or diseased wood), feeding, or any other care until two weeks after they have completely leafed out. The exception is trees that were planted this season, which will need supplemental water for at least a year.

— cut your lawn 3 inches high (taller grass makes for maximum photosynthesis); it’s not necessary to  feed or water unless the lawn was just planted. If you have a place where grass won’t grow, consider planting something else there instead–there are lots of choices.

— and, of course, weed while the ground is nice and damp. If you continue to pull garlic mustard, do not compost it, because it has already gone to seed.

When you’re all done,  take your mother some flowers on Mother’s Day, and then come home and enjoy a glass of wine or beverage of your choice in the garden. (This is the weekend to put out the garden furniture if you haven’t already!)

Enjoy the garden. I have to go outside. These perennials need dividing and weeding:



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