Eight perfect peonies


I planted three peony bushes over 15 years ago, white, red, and pink. I would never plant peonies now–they’re not native (although they do not become invasive). I never amend my soil, so I’ve never added the enrichment–bone meal and whatever–that peonies are supposed to need. Over the years, two of the bushes disappeared. But the site gets full sun, and the soil has improved over the years, because native perennials create rich, black soil. So this plant has hung on, and every year it’s made one or two luscious, perfect, fragrant blooms. But this year, there are eight. I cut them today and brought them into the house to perfume the kitchen.



5 thoughts on “Eight perfect peonies

  1. Your flowers are so beautiful. So many people have them in the garden here, they must like our soils.

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