How about growing this: Sundrops

Sundrops (Oenothera fruticosa) are a lovely and ridiculously easy to grow addition to any sunny border. They began blooming in my garden yesterday, right after Sunday night’s rain, and will continue through June and July. Here they are among native grasses and later-blooming perennials:


Sundrops are a member of the evening primrose family, except their flowers open in the morning, with the sun–hence the common name. According to my reference sources, there are numerous species and subspecies that hybridize with each other. But all are extremely tough, hardy plants–I once saw them growing in the clefts between the rocks on the seashore in Acadia National Park. They grow up to about 2 feet tall, spread readily through rhizomes, are very, very easy to transplant, and are mostly free of pests and diseases. They’re one of the first plants I suggest  to anyone with a sunny site. So why don’t you try them?


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