The deep freeze is good news for the environment

The temperature is supposed hit 32 degrees today, but on Tuesday it topped out at 9 degrees, a reading we are no longer accustomed to. Although in the past we would typically have a day or so with negative readings each winter, that hasn’t happened in over twenty years, and as a result, the environment is changing in many ways. The most obvious example is that we are now considered to be in climate zone 7a, not zone 6b as we used to be.

I wrote recently about some of the ill effects of warming on our local environment. Yesterday’s New York Times presents some hopeful news about the recent freeze: the temperature might have gone low enough to kill off pine bark beetles in the Pinelands and hemlock wooly adelgids in Connecticut. We won’t know for sure until next summer, but the news is good.

And as for me, I’m hoping the deep freeze will result in a smaller crop of baby rabbits next spring. Surely this cold weather wiped out some of those pesky critters.


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