Sunday in the park



We took a walk in the Glen Rock section of the Saddle River County Park today. There’s still maybe 7 or 8 inches of snow left, but it’s melting fast and the streams are quite full. The vernal pools will be large and full of life this spring. The ducks are already showing signs of mating behavior. Woodpeckers are very noisy and active.

If you don’t know this park, you should check it out. It’s quite a mixed forest, with beech and tulip trees, sycamores and red maple. There are some invasives, most notably multiflora rose along the paths, but in spring there’s a lovely groundcover of ephemeral wildflowers: trout lilies, spring beauty, toothwort, and violets.

Beech forests are particularly beautiful in winter because the young trees hold their pale brown leaves. You can enter this park at a number of points in FairLawn, Glen Rock, or Ridgewood and walk for miles. The paths are broad and well cleared of snow.




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