Warm thoughts

It seems like every day for the past month, the weather forecast has predicted higher temperatures than we’ve actually experienced. I think the meteorologists are as sick of cold weather as the rest of us, so they’re giving optimistic forecasts. Today, for the first time, it’s nearly as warm as the forecast said. The temperature has been rising all afternoon, and I just spent a pleasant and anticipatory half hour in the garden, surveying the damage of winter and the promise of spring.

This year’s spring cleanup will be a doozy. Leaves that usually either settle gently or get blown away were buried under two feet of snow and now form a compact layer. There are broken branches everywhere (even though I did remedial pruning whenever I could all winter). BUT . . . when I gently push some of the detritus away or just look closely, I see new growth everywhere. Perennials are starting to come up under the leaf mulch, and buds are starting to swell. I may be able to harvest some sorrel next week.

The forecast now is for temperatures in the 50s for the next ten days. I’ve been waiting for a warm spell to sow early greens, patch the lawn, and uncover the earliest perennials. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start all of that on Sunday.


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