Tired of waiting

for spring to really burst out. The problem is that although most days have been warm lately, the nights are quite cold–down into the 30s F. So the plants are biding their time.


In the Thielke Arboretum, skunk cabbage leaves are beginning to emerge beside the wide-open flowers.


In my garden, hazelnuts shrubs are almost finished blooming. These male catkins were waving gently in the breeze yesterday, but they’ve already released their pollen. Soon they’ll fall off. Here’s a picture of the female flower, taken last week.


It’s really too cold to start transplanting, although we have begun the spring cleanup. I raked the leaves off my shadiest garden, but there’s still almost nothing to be seen there–just a few fern fronds and leaves of almost-forgotten daffodils. Up close you can see the buds of ginger leaves, a few tiny columbine leaves, and rosettes of great blue lobelia leaves. There are more than a dozen species of perennials, ferns, grasses, and sedges there. But it pretty much just looks bare.

DSCN1367 I planted my vegetable garden last Thursday with seeds of mesclun mix, leaf lettuce mix, peas, snow peas, and two Japanese mustards. But that’s bare ground too. It’s supposed to be warmer later this week . . .


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