One man’s weed . . .


is another’s violet. A lot of people ask me how they can get rid of lawn weeds. “Violets and stuff like that,” they say. “What’s the best way to get rid of them?”

Why would you want to?


Aside from the fact that they’re exquisitely beautiful, violets bloom in a range of colors from white to lavender to subtle stripes to purple–all these colors in different plants within inches of each other in my lawn. And if that weren’t enough, violets are the only food for the larvae of fritillaries, a large group of gorgeous native butterflies. No violets, no fritillaries. Fritillaries are as lovely as their name, and like many butterflies, they are important pollinators. Think about that before reaching for some weed killer.



One thought on “One man’s weed . . .

  1. I love spring violets. I don’t particularly care for them in my veggie patch, but I love a lawn sprinkled with them. Also, they’re edible! I saw them in a gourmet food store once, sugar-frosted, for sale for something like $55 per pound. What a racket!

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