Late August


Despite the lack of rain over the past two weeks (and the fact that I have no sprinkler system and haven’t owned a hose or sprinkler in two years), the garden is going strong. Little bluestem glows in the sun, framed by Rudbeckia and Boltonia.


Nodding pink onion (Allium cernum) looks down shyly. Here little bluestem becomes the frame for the picture. Only 18″ tall, this is a useful plant for edging late-summer gardens. It loves my dry soil.


Great blue lobelia (L. siphilitica) glows with blue flame that lures you to cross the backyard and examine the intricate flowers more closely.


Now that the elderberries and grey dogwood berries are all gone, pokeberry (Phytolacca americana) attracts birds from near and far. Birds plant it everywhere; do you think of it as a weed? I let one or two plants remain because of their enormous value to wildlife. I also think they’re interesting to look at. Notice the flowers and fully formed fruit on the same cluster.


 About 20 years ago we planted 5 everbearing raspberries from Burpee. They’re making their second crop of the season right now (the first one was in July). Despite being crowded by the many shrubs and perennials I’ve planted since, they continue to produce luscious raspberries for the birds (and even a few for us). If you’ve got sun, try raspberries. 



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