The horrors

This week’s home and gardening section of the NY Times published an excellent article on recognizing and removing invasive plants. I’m a big fan of the Times, but in general I think their garden articles lean too far toward the aren’t-the-hydrangeas-and-daylilies-pretty school of gardening rather than sustainability or gardening in harmony with nature. But this article describes the problems caused by invasive plants, and the problems involved in removing them, in a clear and practical way. If you’re unfamiliar with the problem of invasive plants, I highly recommend it as an introduction. And if you would like more information about invasives and what you can do about them, you can take a look at the website of either the New Jersey Invasives Species Strike Team or the Invasive Species Strike Force. These groups attack the problem in different ways, but both have excellent websites with extensive resources that will help you identify invasives. And both rely on volunteers to carry out this important work. Perhaps you might like to become involved.


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