“Beauty is no longer enough”


A tiger swallowtail enjoyed a leisurely meal on a sweet joe pye weed blossom (Eupatorium purpureum) last July in my garden.

Don’t miss Anne Raver’s coverage in today’s NY Times of the 2015 Plant-O-Rama conference at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (but note that the photo of the tiger swallowtail that accompanies the article shows a non-native plant). The keynote speaker was Doug Tallamy, entomologist and author of the best-selling Bringing Nature Home. As natural areas disappear, our gardens must take their place, Tallamy emphasized. It’s no longer enough that our gardens just be pretty:

“We have to raise the bar on our landscapes . . . . In the past, we have asked one thing of our gardens: that they be pretty. Now they have to support life, sequester carbon, feed pollinators and manage water.”


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