Robins have arrived


This picture was taken on March 4, 2014, one year and one week ago. But today I saw the same scene–a small flock of newly arrived robins looking for food on the few spots of ground that are bare of snow. (Check out the Robin Watch website for up-to-date news about this year’s migration.) So at this point, it looks like we’re about a week behind last year’s exceptionally late spring. Based on that, because phenology tells us that natural events tend to happen in a set sequence, I’m predicting that crocuses will be in bloom in about a week and native hazelnut shrubs and spicebush in 10 days to two weeks. Check back here to see if I’m right!

And don’t forget that it’s time to start seeds of many warm-season vegetables indoors, including, finally, tomatoes.

Addendum: Today’s NY Times features an op-ed piece by Doug Tallamy about the environmental value of native plants.


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