A bright winter day

Last week, on a lovely but warm winter day, we took a lot of pictures of the garden in winter, and I thought they cheer you up on this very dark, wet day.


Last summer Eupatorium purpureum, or sweet joe pye weed, grew 8 feet tall in my garden–scroll down through this post to see it in bloom. This winter the seedheads tower over the perennial border.


The native perennials are brimming with seeds for birds, some that remain on the plants and some that fill to the ground. All winter, we watch the mixed-species foraging flocks come to feed.


Little bluestem is beautiful in all seasons. In winter, it’s silver and gold. In summer, it really is blue.


Hazelnut catkins–the male flowers that will bloom in very early spring–hand from the slender stems like decorations.


Spicebush will be the first native shrub to bloom (I hope it holds off until spring). All winter long you can see the round green buds.


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