1/29/16: In the garden this week

Backyard 1-24-16 JPG-22

This picture was taken immediately after this week’s big snowstorm. Notice all the seeds that still remain on this aster. There’s plenty of winter food available, and birds have been flocking to it.

A big snow, followed immediately by lovely, springlike weather. The snow is already half melted. Temperatures in the 50s are predicted for much of next week. This is so different from the last two winters, when the cold was unrelenting and the storms just kept coming.

Once enough snow melts so you can reach your shrubs, it will be time to resume winter pruning. Most shrubs eventually outgrow their sites in a home landscape, and winter, when plants are dormant, is the best time to prune them back, or rejuvenate them. This is also a good time to walk around your property, check for storm damage to trees, and call your arborist if you see any potentially dangerous branches.

And this time of year there are the new garden catalogs to admire (and perhaps to drool over). Get out your notes from last year, see what’s on your wish list, and see what’s available. Many native plants sell out early, so it’s a good idea to place your order as soon as possible, even though reputable companies won’t ship until sometime in April.

Enjoy planning this year’s garden this week!


Just a few of the catalogs that fill my mailbox daily!



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