3/4/16: In the garden this week


The crocuses will be just fine, as will the daffodils, just showing buds, that are interplanted with them.

Snow and cold–and temperatures in the 70s expected for the coming week. What’s a gardener to do? Here are a few suggestions:

— as soon as the snow melts, direct sow seeds of cool-weather crops such as lettuce, mesclun mix, spinach, arugula and peas. They’ll germinate and grow when the weather is warm, stall when it turns cold again, but cold weather won’t hurt them, and you’ll have spring greens as early as possible.

— start vegetable seeds for warm-weather crops such as tomatoes and squash. You can find a list of dates for starting seeds in this post.

— Weed! Dig up wild garlic and dandelions and pull garlic mustard and western bittercress in your garden plots. The mustards go to seed particularly early, so it’s a good idea to pull them as soon as you recognize them. And they’re easy to pull.

— as weeds and lawn grasses begin to grow, neaten the edges of your perennial and shrub beds. It’s easier to do it now, when the weeds’ and grasses’ root systems are relatively small, than it will be once the weather turns warm.

Many streets in our area with older homes are graced with sugar maples as street trees. If you live on one of those lovely streets, or have sugar maples anywhere on your property, consider tapping your trees for sap. (I’m only half kidding.)


Sugar maples in Glen Rock being tapped for syrup.


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