New Jersey native plants legislation

I’ve been away for almost a month, and while I was away I received an email, through the NPSNJ list, from a member of Save Barnegat Bay. The email concerns a sensible piece of legislation that’s working its way through the NJ legislature. The proposed law would require the state Department of Transportation to plant only native plants along NJ highways. Here’s the text of the email I received; please follow the instructions for contacting your state senators and assembly members. Let’s make sure our representatives know how important native plants are to us:

The “DOT Native Plants Bill

S-2004 / A-3305

If enacted, this bill will require the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the NJ Turnpike Authority (which includes the Garden State Parkway), and the South Jersey Transportation Authority to use ONLY NATIVE PLANTS for landscaping, land management, reforestation, or habitat restoration on the 2,800 miles highways they manage in New Jersey.

Please write your state Senator and Assembly representatives and urge passage of the “DOT Native Plants Bill – S-2004 / A-3305” in order to preserve the water quality, natural beauty, and local character of all of New Jersey’s neighborhoods including its rivers, lakes, and bays for the future.

The name of your legislators and their addresses are very easy to find on the New Jersey State Legislature website,  The text of S2004 / A3305 can also be easily found there.

This bill was written for Save Barnegat Bay by Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen David Wolfe and Greg McGuckin. Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. and Senator Kip Bateman are co-sponsors. The bill has real momentum. It has already passed the Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

One thought on “New Jersey native plants legislation

  1. The governor has just signed the legislation. It is now LAW ! 🙂
    A victory for our native plants and the human community in the Garden State.

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